A post-debate survey conducted for FOX5 Atlanta and Morris News shows Donald Trump holding a 10 point lead over Ted Cruz. All other candidates were in single digits. The survey by OpinionSavvy in conjunction with InsiderAdvantage of 803 likely Georgia primary voters was conducted Sunday, January 17 by IVR phone and mobile devices. The survey has a margin of error of 3.5%. It is weighted for age, race, and gender.  Crosstabs can be found HERE.

The results:

Trump: 33%

Cruz: 23%

Rubio: 8%

Bush: 7%

Carson: 7%

Christie: 4%

Fiorina: 4%

Kasich: 4%

Paul: 4%

Huckabee: 3%

Santorum: 0%

Undecided: 3%

Analysis by InsiderAdvantage Founder/FOX 5 Political Analyst Matt Towery: Donald Trump continues to lead among every age group and across every segment of voter alignment, ranging from those who say they are very conservative to the few respondents who claim to be liberal. Cruz continues to make progress in the numbers as well. Most noticeable is the continued plummet of Ben Carson from being a frontrunner a few months ago to receiving only 7% in the most recent poll. The debates are continuing to have an impact on voters. Well over 60% of respondents to the poll say they watch the recent Fox Business Network debate. Of those who watched 35% said Trump won the debate with 20% saying Cruz won the contest. These were basically the same numbers in our poll for FOX affiliates and The Florida Times Union in Florida, also conducted last night.


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