When it comes to due process ­­  or more specifically, a lack of due process ­­ on the state’s college campuses, Representative Earl Ehrhart (R-­Powder Springs) is putting a stake in the ground, and saying, “we won’t stand for this in Georgia.”

Ehrhart, chairman of the Higher Education Appropriations subcommittee, is leading a group of lawmakers who are concerned about the lack of due process on the campus of public universities and colleges in Georgia after reading a newspaper report that described a “secret process for judging sexual misconduct allegations.” This, Ehrhart says, is a violation as laid out by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  While this seems to be happening across the state, and some say the nation, Ehrhart says he is particularly concerned  about several recent incidents at Georgia Tech.

“Due process is a very serious issue,” Ehrhart said following a hearing Monday at the State Capitol. “And I have serious concerns about the lack of due process at some of our universities. If we are not providing due process, we are not providing a safe campus, and if we aren’t doing that, why are we throwing all this money at the universities?  

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