Senators trying to get a public hearing and vote on an updated Senate Bill 6, which would ban Georgia from issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, so far are being blocked by Sen. Tyler Harper, R-Ocilla. The chairman of the Senate Public Safety Committee apparently wants to consider only driver’s license-related language in the new S.B. 6, while ignoring and/or wanting to strip out most other immigration law enforcement sections.

Harper’s office tells InsiderAdvantage Capitol reporter Cindy Morley that his “schedule is full today” and the lawmaker can’t speak with her. “If you would like to speak with him at another point when his schedule clears up and when he and others have had a chance to more thoroughly review the bill, he would be happy to work something out,” his assistant said.

However, Harper has had the original bill sitting in his committee for a year and received the updated substitute last Friday. One of its new additions (Section 10) is a “driver’s privilege card’ for illegal immigrants—allowing them to drive and stating on the card they are not legal, and stipulating it can’t be used as identification for voting or receiving public benefits. 

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