ATLANTA – The CEO of the Feed the Hungry charity became the second candidate Thursday in the special election to complete Rep. Bob Bryant’s term in the House of Representatives.

Bryant, D-Garden City, died Feb. 25. He had already announced he would not run for re-election this year.

Carl Gilliard of Garden City made the trip to Atlanta to qualify at the Secretary of State’s Office. Although it’s a nonpartisan special election, Gilliard chose to identify as a Democrat as did the first candidate to qualify the day before, Josey M. Sheppard, a Savannah businessman.

Gilliard also lists a campaign website, A check of the site Wednesday afternoon read, “This webpage is not available.”

The election will be March 29, five days after this year’s legislative session wraps up. While the winner won’t participate in any legislative business, the title “incumbent” will come with the victory which could be helpful in this fall’s general election.

Qualifying for the general election begins Monday, requiring another trip to Atlanta. The general-election primary will be May 24, the same date as the special-election runoff if a third candidate’s qualifying today makes it necessary.


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