“Great strides were made today to protect all Georgia students when it comes to due process,” said State Rep. Earl Ehrhart, after leaving a meeting with the Board of Regents Wednesday.

Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs) has criticized colleges for their lack of due process when accusations are leveled at students– and some reforms are already the result. Many of those concerns arose from incidents at Georgia Tech.

“The Board of Regents stepped up today when it comes to ensuring the basic American rights for all Americans — accusers and the accused” Ehrhart said.

“And they are mandating these new changes to ensure due process.”

Ehrhart recently asked Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson to make changes at his university.

“He stepped up and made those changes,” said Ehrhart. “And I appreciate that. He and I are now able to return to the sincere positive working relationship we had before.”

Ehrhart said he was extremely pleased with Peterson’s personal apologies to the mother of a student impacted by the lack of due process and to a fraternity that was “punished  for something they didn’t do.”


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