U.S. Representative John Lewis’ sit in continued for a second consecutive day Thursday as he and other Democrats seek to spark debate over gun control.

Lewis was joined by several high profile Democratic representatives, including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as Tim Kaine of Virginia, rumored to be a top choice for Hillary Clinton’s Vice President.

Republican leadership actually adjourned the chamber for a week-long recess, but the Democrats continued to hold out to make their statement.  Thus far, their demands to debate and/or vote on bills pushing for stricter background checks and prohibition of anyone on a terror watch list from purchasing firearms has gone unanswered.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called the sit in a publicity stunt, while other Republicans had more direct criticism.  Said Texas Representative Louie Gohmert, who had engaged the protesting Democrats in a shouting match Wednesday night, “They weren’t just standing up for rights. They were taking away rights.  “It was incredible to see real American folk heroes like John Lewis, who were brutalized and stood up for civil rights. Folks were there using the instruments that helped gain civil rights to try to take away people’s civil rights.”


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