Phil Kent inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium

This writer toured the downtown Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium yesterday and was told by officials with the HHRM (Holder, Hunt, Russell, Moody) construction team that completion for the new home of the Atlanta Falcons football team by mid-summer 2017 is “basically on schedule.”

Our tour group, which included members of the World Congress Center Authority, saw that most of the seats are finished, most of the concessions are built out and the locker rooms are under construction.” Patrons will also be able to an “oval walk” all around the stadium unobstructed if they so desire.


On the ground floor of the stadium

Tour group members remarked that it was amazing to see the countess tons of steel and cement being used, as well as seeing the giant LED board that is being put in place inside the $1.5 billion facility. InsiderAdvantage plans to give you more stadium construction updates as the months progress.


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