Billy and Kathy Inman alongside a picture of their late son, Dustin

A community relief fund account has been established for Billy and Kathy Inman, long-time residents of Woodstock, who are desperate for help. Kathy Inman has been confined to a wheelchair since June of 2000 when an automobile wreck also killed the Inman’s only child, sixteen-year-old Dustin.

The Inman family was on their way to a Father’s Day weekend of fishing in the North Georgia Mountains when a car traveling at high speed crashed into the rear of the Inman vehicle while it was stopped at a red light in Ellijay. The driver of the other vehicle, an illegal alien, fled police custody and remains free today.

Federal authorities have located the fugitive, but informed Mr. Inman that current extradition agreements do not allow for returning Gonzalo Harrell Gonzalez to the U.S for trial.

The Inmans need donations and assistance with payment of on-going medical expenses and a daytime home health-care aide for Mrs. Inman, age fifty-three. Mr. Inman works full time as a route driver and has been paying for a caregiver for his wife for years while at work. The Inmans lost their home-health care aide several weeks ago and they are searching for a compassionate replacement companion.

Mr. Inman, a proud and soft-spoken man, admits the loss of their son, his wife’s deteriorating health and financial strains are wearing on both of them. “She is always in pain” he says of his wife of 33 years. Mrs. Inman, a rising star in management of the Kroger supermarket chain before the wreck, now requires help in personal care and meals.

“It’s not fair. I don’t get to hug my son,” says Mr. Inman. “I don’t get to have him help me do whatever in the yard or on the truck. I won’t be a grandpa. Kathy is forgetting things…”

Since his computer expired, Mr. Inman has been trying to write letters on his smart phone to elected officials asking for guidance on finding help for his wife. He hopes to purchase a new desktop computer.

Donations to help the Inman family can be deposited to the recently-established ‘Inman Family Relief Fund- Billy Inman’ at any Sun Trust Bank branch using the account number 1000196179930 or mailed to Sun Trust Bank, Mail Code GA – 0492 Sandy Plains Rd., Marietta, Ga. 30066 with the same information.


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