Grayson, the city, thinks it finally might be about to win a 16-year battle to have Grayson, the high school, have, of all things, a Grayson address.  The push to the goal line is being driven, at least in part, by Grayson, the high school football team.

Confused yet? That’s OK. Loganville’s ZIP Code covers part of three counties, and students living in that ZIP Code are zoned for at least seven public high schools.  Just look at it as small-town pride, explosive suburban growth and, of course and high school football combined with government red tape.

City officials had to reach out to Congress to get this done. Rep. Rob Woodall, a Republican who represents the state’s Seventh Congressional District, has led the push, city officials said.

Grayson, a bedroom community at the southern end of Gwinnett County, had its own high school until 1957, when the then-tiny school was combined to the sold Snellville High School to make South Gwinnett High School.  The old Grayson High School was central to the town’s identity, and its building was slap in the middle of the city. 

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