A new poll from OpinionSavvy for Fox 5 News shows Democrat Jon Ossoff with a big lead in the 6th District Congressional race.

With a strong 40% of the vote, Ossoff leads a crowded 18 candidate field that seeks to replace former Congressman Tom Price, who vacated the position to join President Donald Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Former Secretary of State Karen Handel (R) is running a strong second at 20%, followed by former Johns Creek City Councilman Bob Gray (R) and former state Senator Judson Hill (R) each at 10%.  Another former state Senator, Dan Moody, is at 8%, with the rest of the candidates combined only taking 6%.

The poll had 462 respondents via land lines and mobile phones and has a margin of error of 4.5% with 95% confidence.  For more analysis and for the full crosstabs, go to OpinionSavvy’s breakdown HERE

Respondents were also asked about individual match-ups that may feature in the runoff, which will almost certainly be between Ossoff and a Republican.  The 30 year old filmmaker fares surprisingly well in those head to head contests, which can be seen below.  Another jolt for Republicans, who just this week dumped another million dollars into the race attacking Ossoff.  The district, while moderate, has been considered safely Republican in recent election cycles.

Handel vs. Ossoff:

Handel: 41%

Ossoff: 42%

Undecided: 17%

Gray vs. Ossoff:

Gray: 42%

Ossoff: 44%

Undecided: 14%

Hill vs. Ossoff:

Hill: 45%

Ossoff: 44%

Undecided: 11%

Moody vs. Ossoff:

Moody: 43%

Ossoff: 46%

Undecided: 11%


The poll found approval numbers for President Trump and his Obamacare repeal plan, which can be seen below.

Trump approval:

Total approve – 53%

Total disapprove – 46%

Unsure – 1%

AHCA approval:

Total approve: 47%

Total disapprove: 50%

Unsure: 3%



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