The 18 candidates for GA’s 6th Congressional District

Early voting has already begun and the big day is two weeks away but the plethora of candidates for Georgia’s sixth district to replace now-HHS Secretary Tom Price got together Wednesday in downtown Atlanta for another debate. The debate was two hours and one thing was readily apparent – two hours is not a lot of time for 18 people to discuss public policy much beyond campaign talking points. Minus the amount of time devoted to moderators asking questions, that leaves maybe five minutes average per candidate to lay out why they would be the best choice on April 18.

The fee to run for U.S. Congress in the state of Georgia is $5,220. Perhaps it is not enough. 18 candidates does sound like a lot of candidates but until you see them all arranged on little bar stools on a debate stage, it doesn’t quite sink in. To take a photograph of the field, and fit them all in, the camera needs to be nearly 20 feet away. 

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