This neat map from the AJC shows how each of the individual precincts in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District voted on Tuesday.

As you can see Democrat Jon Ossoff took home a plurality in the vast majority of the precincts, with Karen Handel winning several of the conservative North Fulton precincts and Bob Gray managing to take three small precincts outright.  Those candidates were the only three of the 18 in the field to actually win any individual precincts outright, though other candidates such as Judson Hill and Dan Moody managed to pull second place finishes to Ossoff in several spots across the district.

The key precincts in the two month runoff will be those where Ossoff took right around 50% of the vote.  He’ll need to turn out voters in similar or greater numbers to keep pace with Handel, who now has the combined vote of a Republican Party that found itself split between four very viable candidates in the special election earlier this week.

See the map HERE.


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