Two weeks since a report from WalletHub listed Georgia as the 7th worst state to be a police officer, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle and Senator Greg Kirk (R- 13 Americus) announced the creation of COPS, the Compensation of Police and Sheriffs Task Force. The task force will work with counties, cities and chief law enforcement officers to examine ways of attracting and retaining experienced officers throughout the state.

The WalletHub report compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across three factors: 1) opportunity and competition, 2) job hazards and protections and 3) quality of life. These three were scored based on 20 different metrics such as law-enforcement officers per capita, average starting salary, salary growth potential, police deaths per 1,000 officers and housing affordability. Georgia scored below average for “opportunity and competition”, coming in at 35th, right in the middle at 26th for job hazards and protections, but also came in 51st out of 51 for the quality of life category. 

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