Over the course of the last year, much of the right has been at a crossroads over what it means to be a Republican, what it means to be “establishment” or what it means to be conservative. There are still holdouts on the right that have not bought into Trump mania but perhaps, at most, 30%. If you went to a conference hosted by Breitbart, the Drudge Report or Hot Air, any Trump skepticism would likely be hard to find or a whisper to a neighbor in the back of the room.

If Senator Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins or even Speaker Paul Ryan took to the podium however, there would likely be a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth. The rift on the right continues.

Bubbling more under the surface over the course of the last year however might be the rift on the left. The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat party (ironic since he is not actually a Democrat) was angered by the party’s assistance to Hillary Clinton and dissatisfied with a message they feel is watered down. The split has potentially filtered down well beyond the presidential race now and over the weekend in Atlanta, it was on full display. 

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