For the past two years Alabama-based Twin Pines Minerals has seeking approval for a mine very close to the southeastern border of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Charlton County.  And for two years, environmentalists have been pushing back on the plans, appealing to the Army Corps of Engineers to put a stop to a project that critics say could severely impact the swamp’s ability to retain water – generally considered an important feature for swamps.  However, due to changes to the Clean Water Act, the Army Corps of Engineers has passed the decision down to the state level and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, which will receive feedback from both Twin Pines and the public before making a decision on whether to grant approval for the proposed titanium and zirconium mining site.  And the mining company certainly has its supporters as well – it has promised limited environmental impact to the swamp itself alongside $300 million in investment and the addition of roughly 400 jobs to the area.


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