As the clock ticks down on the session of the 2023 General Assembly, legislators are passing bills with major impact on the state. Late Thursday, on the 38th day of the 40-day session, the Senate passed amended legislation by a 44-5 margin that will raise legal weight limits on trucks in Georgia carrying certain types of cargo in certain areas of the state. The Senate Transportation Committee made some changes to the bill that reduced the scope of the original bill.

HB 189 by Rep. Steven Meeks, R-Screven, will now have to go back to the House for an “agree” after clearing the Senate. The original version of the legislation that came out of the House would let commercial trucks exceed the current legal weight limit of 80,000 pounds by 10 percent – for a total of 88,000 pounds – on roads other than interstate highways, which are subject to federal restrictions. The original bill also would have applied to all commercial trucks but the House changed it to allow for trucks carrying logs, agricultural products and livestock, granite, concrete or solid waste. 

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