The scandal surrounding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis expands with the uncovering of a blatant connection between Nathan Wade– Willis’ lead prosecutor and alleged lover– and the Biden White House in connection with the prosecution of former President Donald Trump on racketeering charges. 

Wade held coordination meetings with Biden’s White House counsel on May 23 and Nov. 18, 2022 before indicting Trump, President Joe Biden’s leading presidential opponent.  

Informed Georgians will remember when Willis prematurely leaked Trump’s indictment before announcing it at a late-night press conference. Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and others note that “someone” from Washington, D.C. called Willis and demanded she indict Trump that Monday night, Aug. 14, 2023, to divert attention away from the “screw up” by U.S. Attorney David Weiss in the criminal investigation of the president’s son Hunter Biden. That Weiss “screw up” originated on July 19, 2023 when Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers testified before Congress about the Biden Department of Justice and Weiss blocking investigators from filing felony charges against Hunter, tipping off Hunter about search warrants, preventing witness interviews and any investigation into President Biden.  

Rep. Greene challenges Gov. Kemp, Georgia AG Carr 

Lawyers in Georgia and nationally are buzzing over the various Georgia and federal laws that Willis and Wade could be charged with violating. Fanning those flames is a letter by Georgia U.S. Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (“MTG”) who, among other points, emphasizes that the governor could direct the attorney general to open a criminal investigation against Willis and Wade for a range of law-breaking. Below is Greene’s letter, listing law violations, sent to Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr: 

January 10, 2024 

The Honorable Brian Kemp Governor of Georgia 

206 Washington Street 

111 State Capitol 

Atlanta, Georgia 30334 

 The Honorable Christopher M. Carr Attorney General of Georgia 

40 Capitol Square, SW 

Atlanta, Georgia 30334 

Re: Criminal Referral Against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Her Staff 

Dear Governor Kemp and Attorney General Carr: 

I write today to express my serious concerns about alleged criminal misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her staff.

As detailed in Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s 127-page motion to dismiss the criminal indictment,1 Fani Willis faces serious allegations that she illegally hired her secret boyfriend–Nathan Wade, who has never tried a felony case–as her special prosecutor to bring an unprecedented, complex, and partisan felony RICO prosecution against President Trump–the leading presidential contender for 2024–along with 18 co- defendants.2 

Despite this obviously illegal conflict of interest,3 Fani Willis has allegedly paid Nathan Wade–her secret boyfriend and special Trump prosecutor–nearly $700,000 in official funds. This includes a multitude of vague block billings for 8 hours—and as a lawyer publicized, even one billing for 24 hours on a single day, with the vague description “[p]repared cases for pre trial.”4 And Fani Willis may have received illegal kickbacks, including lavish domestic and international trips provided by Nathan Wade, from these misappropriated government funds. According to Nathan Wade’s invoices submitted to the Fulton County DA’s office, Fani Willis even used taxpayer funds to pay Nathan Wade for two trips to coordinate with President Biden’s White House staff before bringing her unprecedented indictment of President Trump, Biden’s chief political rival in 2024.5  

This is part of Fani Willis’ unlawful partisan pattern, through her words and deeds, to illegally politicize and weaponize her public office to wage lawfare against President Trump for the purpose of interfering in the 2024 presidential election. And now we are learning she has allegedly enriched her secret boyfriend and herself during this process. 

If proven true, these actions reflect Fani Willis’ serious lawlessness, including potential violation of public oath (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-1), bribery (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-2), improper influence of a government official (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-5), criminal conspiracy (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-4-8), conspiracy to defraud government (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-21), racketeering (Ga. Code Ann., §§ 16-14-1 through 12), false statements and concealment (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-20), Fulton County’s gift ban (Fulton County Code of Laws § 2-69(a)), and similar Georgia public-corruption crimes. Georgia statute states “the district attorney shall take the following oath: ‘I do swear that I will faithfully and impartially and without fear, favor, or affection discharge my duties as district attorney and will take only my lawful compensation. So help me God.’” 

If Fani Willis took kickbacks— in the form of lavish trips— from her unqualified boyfriend she appointed with government funds, she violated her oath and many Georgia criminal statutes. Thus, I request you order the immediate and formal criminal investigation into the alleged criminal misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, along with her special Trump prosecutor and alleged boyfriend Nathan Wade, pursuant to your authority under Georgia statute.6 

Sincerely, Marjorie Taylor Greene 


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2 Bill Rankin and Tamar Hallerman, Filing alleges ‘improper’ relationship between Fulton DA, top Trump prosecutor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jan. 8, 2024, available at (last visited Jan. 10, 2024). 

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6 See Ga. Code Ann., § 45-15-10 (“The Attorney General, as the head of the Department of Law and the chief legal officer of the state, is authorized to prosecute in the criminal courts of this state any official, person, firm, or corporation which violates any criminal statute while dealing with or for the state or any official, employee, department, agency, board, bureau, commission, institution, or appointee thereof . . . 

GA Code § 45-15-18 (2022) 

The Governor may at any time direct the Attorney General to conduct an investigation into the affairs of any department of the state or into the official conduct of any state official or employee or into the affairs of any person, firm, or corporation dealing with the state. The Governor may at any time direct the Attorney General to file and prosecute criminal actions and civil recovery actions in the name of the state against any official, person, firm, or corporation which violates any criminal or civil statute while dealing with or for the state, which violation results in loss, damage, or injury to the state. In the event the Attorney General refuses to take or file such action within a reasonable time after having been directed by the Governor to do so, the Governor is authorized to appoint a special attorney general to carry out the requirements of law provided in this Code section. 


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