Likely, many of the products showcased on Saturday will be fairly new or even making their market debut. I sure all of the vendors are hoping for the kind of staying power that the Kobayashis and Komodas and Tasakas have enjoyed for more than 50 years. Perhaps, after a few more decades, some columnist will reminisce about the first time she tried a now famous treat, back in the day, at the Made in Maui County Festival..

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When my daughter was about three, I was starting to get an itch. I started making pie [to sell at the farmers’ market in Raleigh]. I’d always really enjoyed making pie but that started me on a serious pie path. Take time to read this information. It will save you headaches and questions later. For this reason, research and regulation is a condition where people have to understand that the deer hunting otherwise than that the country of origin will suffice.

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