“Resign now” is what the email campaign screamed on Thursday. That was likely a part of the same response to Ralph Hudgens’ comments about Obamacare that led to a “hastily called” press availability later in the day. And of course it was all the result of an AJC article reporting on the Insurance Commissioner’s remarks to a GOP group in November about pre-existing health conditions. The article was placed in a prime spot in the print edition of the newspaper.

A quick look at recent stories on Hudgens in the AJC would easily explain his predicament. In early October Jim Galloway’s “Morning Jolt” heralded Commissioner Hudgens’ future with a headline that proclaimed that Obamacare could put a target on the Commissioner’s back. As is often the case, Galloway’s prediction came true.

The comments by Hudgens mirrored those made by many a politician. In discussing pre-existing medical conditions and healthcare, he offered an analogy, to the effect that one can’t get auto insurance for a wrecked car after the wreck.

Logically, he was dead-on correct. But as I’ve written previously, the upcoming election season will be, for Democrats, an effort to woo independent women voters. The Democrats will grab all opportunities to establish this theme, and all the more if media amplifies it for them. 

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