Yes, I’ve written this before, but in the context of the proposed budget agreement, it needs to be restated.

Real conservatives supported the government shutdown in October and should make no apologies for that stance. The Republicans proved that they could take action to back up their words, and even before the failure of the Obamacare website eclipsed the shutdown in news coverage, Republicans were suffering minimal repercussions.

But let’s be honest, with a seemingly bipartisan “compromise” being proposed that would finally pass a budget, which hasn’t happened for quite a while, it would be silly for Republicans to fall on their sword and push a second shutdown in a row. Yes, the Ryan-Murray solution leaves plenty to be desired, but it will appear to most Americans as a reasonable compromise in a town where the endless gridlock hurts everyone, including those who carry the conservative banner.

It is so very important that Republicans learn to survive to fight another day. And that day is approaching very quickly. 

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