Yesterday, InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery took exception to Jack Kingston’s ads playing everywhere you turn on television, writing,

Jack Kingston’s ad campaign is the worst I have seen in decades. It assumes that Georgia Republicans love twangy talking, cheap, crummy car driving leaders. They don’t. And with every ad my friend runs, his numbers in metro-Atlanta go down.

I occasionally go to an informal car enthusiasts club that meets at a local donut shop, and one of our members owns a Buick Roadmaster of approximately the same vintage as Kingston’s – in perfect condition with a tick over 100,000 miles on the clock. And under the hood lives a V8 – the 350 cubic inch LT1 that is cousins with the engine in the Corvette of that era. Combined with the Vista roof on top, woodgrain sides, and brand name, “Buick,” the mid-90s Roadmaster could be quite the sleeper.

Maybe Kingston’s got a V8 under the hood of his old battered Roadie. 

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