Here’s a quick update based on our daily tracking of the Georgia GOP U.S. Senate contest:


  • Most pollsters are agreed that the raw responses to their calls this year are comprised of an older-than-usual likely voter base. And no, that’s not because of cell phones. Younger voters are telling survey groups that they are “iffy” at best as to whether they will vote on Tuesday. So they don’t make it into to the “likely voter” pool.
  • Jack Kingston’s most recent ads have greatly improved and the results are showing up in the polling. While Kingston was stagnant or even dropping over the past three weeks, he has stopped “the drop” and appears to be gaining momentum. But he and Karen Handel are still battling it out for a much closer second place finish than has been suggested by some other polls. We’ve checked with other news pollsters we have worked with in the past who are polling the race and they are getting the same results as we are. But Kingston’s barrage of the media with polished ads is having a positive impact on his numbers and might propel him into a second place, runoff finish.   

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