The question on the minds of many people yesterday was what effect Eric Cantor’s loss in the Republican Primary in Virginia’s Seventh District will mean for Georgia. Whether Rep. Tom Price will move up in the domino game that will follow the opening of a seat in the party leadership is question number one. The second question is whether the Senate runoff will play out like the Virginia race.

Not immersing myself in Washington goings-on, I don’t know whether Price is running for one of the marquee spots, if he’ll be content with something a little lower on the totem pole, or if his priorities have changed, but his race for Conference Chairman in 2012 showed that he had his eye on moving up within the chamber.

Local news outlets have seized on the idea of Price as a successor to Cantor as Majority Leader, though the Congressman has yet to declare for any caucus office. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, who like Price served as a party leader in the Georgia legislature, seems to have indicated he is open to the idea of running for a leadership position. Both men will have to decide quickly, as elections for Majority Leader and the other slots sure to open are scheduled for one week from today.

While a number of folks have suggested that Cantor’s home district loss provides a model for the Senate runoff, most have meant it could show David Perdue a path to victory against 22-year Congressman Jack Kingston. I think the dynamics of the race and Perdue’s campaign so far rule that out. 

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