Congressman Paul Broun forfeited his 10th Congressional District in northeast and east Georgia by running for U.S. Senate and losing in the GOP primary. But his constituents needn’t miss a beat in having unorthodox leadership, providing they elect Baptist pastor and radio talk show host Jody Hice on July 22. Hice is in a runoff against political legacy Mike Collins, the son of former Georgia Congressman Mac Collins. Mike Collins owns a trucking company based in Jackson.


The 10th District stretches from eastern portions of Gwinnett County at its western extremity to the South Carolina border in the east, and from the northeast corner of the state southward to Augusta. Prominently it includes Athens, which was Paul Broun’s home and political base. Early voting starts June 30. The winner will face Democrat Kenneth Dious in the November general election. The 10th is heavily Republican.


Collins and Hice each won about 33 percent of the vote in the general primary, but conventional wisdom has Collins as the likely favorite in the runoff. He’s got name ID from being a former Congressman’s son, and superior fundraising prowess. (Newt Gingrich has endorsed him.)More than that, some political analysts believe the polarizing Hice has already gotten most of the support he is likely to win in the !0th, while Collins can expect voters for losing candidates in the primary to coalesce behind him in the runoff.


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