Michelle Nunn was a concept who’s suddenly a candidate. The idea of her running for U.S. Senate has always had appeal, but she can no longer fly under the radar while prospective Republican opponents carpet-bomb one another on TV.

Voters have only vague notions about Nunn. That means the race is on to define her. Will she do the defining, or will a shrewd Perdue political machine beat her to it?

Here are a few points about the Nunn-David Perdue race that you might not have read or heard about yet:

* Much of the hoopla surrounding Nunn’s candidacy comes from a fawning media, especially national media. In what could be a rocky election season for Democrats, Nunn is a newly discovered star in an otherwise dark sky. That means her chances of winning may be exaggerated by hopeful journalists. At the same time, positivity can be contagious – including among campaign contributors. 

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