An educational analyst sees strong public support for restoring full state funding to Georgia’s schools.

Claire Suggs, senior educational policy analyst for the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute and author of the Sept. 4 GBPI report “Schoolhouse Squeeze 2014,” said “parents and commu-nity leaders would favor some sort of revenue increase if it were to go to public schools.”

The school funding cuts are a primary issue in the governor’s race between Democrat Jason Carter and GOP incumbent Nathan Deal. Carter has hammered Deal for the school shortfall, while Deal has criticized Carter for his state Senate vote against his 2014 education budget. The budget reduced the cuts to $747 million, the least since 2009, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Carter has called for a separate education budget and boosting funding through improved tax collection and catching tax cheaters. But raising taxes or some other funding increase has re-mained off the table.

Suggs said that she has seen strong support for restoring education funding in visits to PTA groups, even in Republican areas. 

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