The 29.2-cent-per-gallon fuel excise tax proposed in the House transportation bill will likely have a tougher time winning Senate approval.

The more conservative Senate appears to be drawing a harder line against the 29.2-cent figure, which the House preserved last week before approving the entire bill by a surprisingly comfortable margin.

Sen. Joshua McKoon, R-Columbus, told InsiderAdvantage Georgia Monday that while he had not yet read the bill, “I’m skeptical about anything that raises taxes.”

Opponents say House Bill 170 as currently written would increase taxes to raise nearly $1 billion a year more for transportation. The House rejected an amendment by House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal, R-Bonaire, and Majority Whip Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, to lower the excise tax to 24 cents, which they said would make the bill more revenue-neutral. 

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