How is the Falcon’s 2015 season like Georgia in the 2016 presidential election?  Both begin with great promise and quickly fade into oblivion.  The Falcons were undefeated through the first five games and had seemingly great prospects for making the playoffs. In the presidential election, thanks to Secretary of State Bryan Kemp’s creation of the March 1 SEC Primary held in multiple southern states, presidential candidates will campaign in Georgia.  Thereafter, Georgia and most of the rest of the South will be ignored.  Immediately after the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, the SEC primary states will become the major attraction for presidential candidates.  With Georgia having more delegates than any of the other SEC participants except Texas, we will be courted aggressively.  Since Ted Cruz has a home field advantage in Texas, Georgia will be the most sought after March 1 prize.

Georgia’s delegates to the Republican National Convention are up for grabs but our behavior in the November general election is predictable.  In every election since 1996, the Republican nominee has won Georgia.  Democrats hope that Georgia is on the verge of change as a result of an increasingly diverse electorate, but change is unlikely in 2016.

The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College on the assumption that voters would lack information on the merits of candidates.   But with our two-party system and information overload, voters are much better prepared to vote for president. 

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