ATLANTA — A 150-mile trail for walking, hiking and biking through six coastal counties got a boost Tuesday from the House of Representatives. Lawmakers voted 149-18 in support of Senate Resolution 730 to offer moral support for the completion of the Coastal Georgia Greenway where only 38 miles is finished so far.

The measure also encourages cooperation on it from state agencies like the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Transportation. The Transportation Department is asked to find existing rights of way along roads or abandoned rail lines that can be used for the trail. No private property would be taken.

House sponsor Rep. Jeff Jones, R-Brunswick, said the project should attract tourists and homebuyers. “The most important aspect of this project is that it’s a win-win, positive economic impact for all of the communities is passes through,” he said. The trail doesn’t currently get any taxpayer money, but the resolution the House passed calls for it eventually. Jones argued taxpayers would get back $5 in benefit for every $1 spent.


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