Rumors swirled in the world of Georgia GOP politics as Republican Congressional District conventions to select a portion of the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were set to convene across the state on Saturday.

Late Thursday GOP insiders reported that the conventions to be held were instructed by party leaders that they would entertain “no nominations” from the floor at the Saturday meetings. That meant that the delegates presented by GOP establishment nominating committees could not face opposition.

Bad news for Donald Trump supporters and good news for ‘No One but Trump” advocates who want to turn Georgia’s delegates, most of whom will be forced to vote for Trump in the first round of voting at the national convention by party rule.

But it appears that party insiders, who control the delegate selection process, are intent on selecting delegates who are anti-Trump and who, when free in later balloting to vote for other candidates, will have their way on Saturday.

There reportedly are few “true Trump” delegates coming out of the various nominating committees at the numerous GOP district meetings.

“They are all establishment longtime GOP followers” said one major Trump supporter. “They are totally trying to steal Georgia from Trump, despite the fact that he won almost every congressional district. They are ‘Trojan delegates’ who will vote as they must in early ballots (at the GOP national convention), then ditch Georgia voters when it counts.”

Trump boosters have vowed “to hunt elected officials down” and “hold them accountable” in future elections. Whether this becomes a true “movement” remains to be seen. Regardless, look for sparks to fly on Saturday.


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