One of the keys to Donald Trump‘s stunning election victory Nov. 8 was the Trump Victory Fund, a joint fundraising effort established earlier this year by Trump’s presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee. Trump had previously vowed to self-fund his campaign.

Atlanta Business Chronicle has obtained a list of the top Georgia donations to Trump Victory Fund (listed as Trump Victory). Over $1 million was raised by Trump Georgia chairwoman, retired businesswoman and Newt Gingrichconfidant Rayna Casey; along with U.S. Sen. David Perdue and Congressmen Rick Allen, Tom Graves and Tom Price, two knowledgeable sources told Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The largest combined family donations to the Trump Victory Fund, according to the sources, came from:

  • Parker “Pete” Petit family— $100,000, ($50,000 from businessman Pete Petitand $50,000 from his wife Janet).
  • Joan Towery family— $35,000 ($25,000 from the retired member her family investment partnership and $10,000 from her daughter-in-law Dolle Towery).
  • J. Michael Nixon family— ($25,000 from the real estate developer and $5000 from his son, John Michael Nixon, Jr.)
  • Gary Rollins family— (A combined $25,000 from the Rollins Inc. executive and his wife.)
  • Nine individuals from Georgia gave $25,000 each to the Trump Victory Fund, the sources told Atlanta Business Chronicle:
  • Stephen Davis, Davis Development
  • Randolph Evans, attorney
  • John Geary, GLM Development
  • Steve Hufstetler, commercial real estate developer
  • Kevin Jackson, Envirovac Holdings CEO
  • William Jones, business executive
  • Dr. Marion Lee, physician
  • Robert C. Loudermilk, retired business executive
  • Dennis Winchester, Quikrete Co. director

This list does not include the most recent campaign contributions, which have yet to be disclosed, and increases in the contribution level of many of the above listed donors. The list also does not include donations to the Republican National Committee.


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