Ride-sharing firm Uber again expects heavy demand for New Year’s Eve, and the company plans to manage that demand with higher prices during some rush periods.

That means anyone looking to use the service just after the peach slides down the pole and the last fireworks display has ended should be prepared to pay a little extra.

The company predicts is prices for the holiday will be highest between midnight and 3 a.m. on Jan. 1.

“Our goal is to ensure anyone, anywhere can push a button and get a ride within minutes,” Uber spokeswoman Evangeline George said. “During times of high demand, fares increase (via an algorithm) to help ensure a driver is always nearby and you can get a ride if you need one.”

Even when prices are at their highest, George said the price is always known before the ride is requested. That allows the customer to decide to accept the ride, wait for prices to drop or use other options.

Riders wishing to use Uber at peak times still can manage the cost by sharing the ride with friends or allowing Uber to match them with other riders needing similar trips.

Uber said customers should confirm they are in the correct car by matching the make and license plate to the expected car and by identifying the driver by name and photo.

New Year’s Eve also is peak time for drunken driving, and Uber is making an effort to change that.

“By providing a reliable ride at the push of a button — no matter the time or place — we are proud to empower people to make better, safer choices,” Uber said. “We’ve seen that when people have a reliable alternative to get home safe, they choose not to drink and drive.”


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