Georgia’s Department of Transportation says it is more prepared than ever to handle any winter weather in the parts of the state that get the most snow and ice.

The DOT planned Wednesday’s demonstration of its men, machines and supplies used to battle ice long before the weekend’s winter weather. Their performance getting ready for the storm is proof it will be prepared for anything winter can reasonably be expected to throw at Georgia.

Brent Cook, a district engineer for a 21-county area in the northeast part of the state, told reporters in Gainesville on Wednesday that treatment of roads in the area with brine was completed by 4 p.m. Friday.  That is made possible, he said, by seasonal preparation that starts about mid-fall and a plan that calls for getting ahead of potential bad weather.

“We are deployed before the event starts,” he said. “We have got a pretty good idea when the event is suppose to start.” 

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