The special election to replace former Rep. Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th District has quickly become one of the most watched elections in the country. It’s also a crucial election for Georgia citizens who embrace life, reject a policy of abortion on demand and oppose taxpayer support of the abortion business.

As women leaders with strong pro-life convictions, we are proud to support Karen Handel in this high-stakes race. A successful businesswoman and Georgia’s first Republican Secretary of State, Handel has proven herself to be the principled, hardworking pro-life leader we need in Congress. She is the only candidate we trust to fill the shoes of pro-life former Congressman Price and stand up for the values of the district and the state.

Jon Ossoff, her opponent, advocates for Planned Parenthood– America’s largest abortion business– as that organization bankrolls his campaign. They’re spending six figures to elect Ossoff because they know he won’t hold them accountable to the taxpayers, from whom they receive more than half a billion dollars a year.

As the GOP candidate pointed out in last week’s debate, Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. Their own annual reports show that their cancer detection and treatment services for women have been declining for years. Their breast exam rate fell by 37 percent between 2011 and 2016. That’s from 21.3 per 100 patients to 13.4 per 100. Pap smear testing for cervical cancer also fell dramatically. There is one thing Planned Parenthood does exceptionally well, and that is commit abortions – more than 1.6 million over the past five years. In fact, Planned Parenthood commands one third of the U.S. abortion market.

Handel will work to ensure that our hard-earned tax dollars are funding genuine health care providers, not the abortion industry. The health care bill working its way through Congress would redirect taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood and instead provide $422 million to community health care centers that offer a wider array of primary health care and don’t perform abortions. These community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood at least 68 to one in Georgia. The 6th District alone has four community health centers and not a single Planned Parenthood facility. Furthermore, just last year the state of Georgia received millions of dollars in federal grants to build new health centers and expand the number of patients they serve. Her support has also helped Georgia’s 70 pro-life pregnancy support centers see a $2 million grant opportunity come to fruition.

Ossoff’s obsession with Handel’s role in ending grants to Planned Parenthood at the Susan G. Komen Foundation was on display during the debate as he repeatedly lectured this courageous woman on breast cancer and business decisions. The decision itself was not a difficult one; the grants were ineffective. Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood’s punishment of the cancer charity was swift and ruthless. Handel bravely faced down their wrath and did the right thing for the Komen Foundation and for women.

By attacking Handel, Ossoff sided with a bully. It was a patronizing and cowardly way for him to try to distract voters from his own extreme pro-abortion platform. Ossoff has also run grossly misleading ads designed to smear her integrity and scare women into believing they must vote for him or lose access to health care. Let’s be clear: these are lies and they hurt the very people who need lifesaving care the most.

We urge the voters of the 6th District to get out to the polls on June 20 and elect Karen Handel. She will be an outspoken advocate in Washington, fighting for the quality health care women and families deserve.

Emily Matson is Chair of Georgia Life Alliance Action Fund.

Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List.



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