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The 2022 race for Georgia’s 6th U.S. Congressional District seat is heating up. In the past two days, two Republicans announced their intent to try and re-take the seat from Democratic incumbent Lucy McBath.

On Monday former state Rep. Meagan Hanson announced that she is running to flip the seat, and this morning former chairman of the state’s ethics commission and Atlanta attorney Jake Evans will announce his intent to run. The district covers east Cobb County, north Fulton County and a part of north DeKalb County.

Longtime Sandy Springs resident and conservative activist Suzy Voyles has already announced her intent to run for the seat. Furthermore, InsiderAdvantage has learned that veteran state Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, could soon jump in the race. A formidable fundraiser who already represents a part of north Fulton, as well as a staunch Donald Trump supporter who was re-elected last November with 57 percent of the vote, Beach could become the front-runner should he opt in.

Jake Evans

Evans, who refers to himself as a “bold, conservative trailblazer” says he’s launching his candidacy “to usher in the comeback to retake America.” “I’ve worked my entire life, starting in childhood, for Republican victories, and as a proud Georgian and American, I’m not going to stand by and surrender to the advance of the left.” Evans continued: “While representing Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, my friend Speaker (Newt) Gingrich led the Republican Revolution in 1994, and the patriots of this generation are ready to lead the Great American Comeback of 2022. And this Great American Comeback starts right here– in Georgia’s 6th District.”

“The Northern Arc of metro Atlanta is a thriving, dynamic region that cares about education, public safety, national defense and fair trade. But we’re stuck with a member of Congress who only cares about one issue – taking away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans and leaving them defenseless against out-of-control crime. We need change, and I’m here to offer bold, conservative leadership that delivers an America First agenda to restore the values that make this country exceptional.”

Voters Guide: Meagan Hanson - Reporter Newspapers

Meagan Hanson

Hanson, a Republican living in Sandy Springs, served one term in the Georgia House of Representatives — representing Brookhaven-based House District 80 — before losing re-election in 2018. The attorney then went on to serve as executive director of Georgians for Lawsuit Reform, a conservative legal activist group.

“With the direction the country is going, the America I had growing up will not be the same America my kids will live in. I’m not content to watch this nation’s promise slip away,” Hanson said when making her announcement. “We need a congresswoman who will fight for Georgia’s families, not [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda. I’ll work every day to lower taxes, end out-of-control government spending and get America back on track.”

Voyles announced her intent to run prior to the Georgia GOP state convention last month. She says she is running to “take back the 6th from Nancy Pelosi and bring honesty, integrity, and rational thinking back to Congress.” On her website, Voyles describes herself by saying “as a Fulton County poll manager, I blew the whistle on fraudulent ballots in the 2020 federal election.”

Republicans eying the 6th District seat have high hopes. They expect to have the district’s political boundaries redrawn to add reliable GOP precincts during the General Assembly’s special redistricting session later this year. That population adjustment, they hope, will defeat McBath in November 2022.


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