Coal ash – namely how to dispose of it – has been a major issue facing power companies and their regulators in recent years.  Coal ash ponds were once the primary means of disposal, but they have fallen out of favor because of the risk of spilling out into groundwater – in fact their closure and monitoring have been written into recent legislation.  Georgia Power, the state’s largest utility, continues to close its ash ponds around the state, but the question remains – what to do with all that ash?

A new collaboration between Georgia Power and the Electric Power Research Institute has resulted in the creation of the Ash Beneficial Use Center (ABUC), which will seek to test and develop ways to recycle and make new products from coal ash.  Located at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen in Bartow County, ABUC will test pilot project technologies to find more ways to recycle and reuse coal ash for commercial use, particularly in the construction industry.  Plant Bowen is one of the nation’s largest capacity coal-fired plants. 

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