Georgians continue to be upset over the attacks on Confederate and other memorials and monuments since the riots of last summer. That’s why the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and others are contacting state lawmakers to sign an amicus curiae brief relating to this hot-button issue. Click Here for the Writ of Certiorari to the Ga. Supreme Court.

The amicus brief argues that “activist judges” are ruling that the Georgia General Assembly does not have the authority to grant statutory authority to its citizens” (i.e. plaintiffs in cases arguing against the arbitrary removal of statues and memorials in various jurisdictions). “The authority of the General Assembly is being called into question for the first time since 1789,” says SCV attorney Martin K. O’Toole. “All that is being asked is that the Georgia Supreme Court take up the SCV cases to define what the powers of the Georgia General Assembly are to permit citizens to come into the courthouse.” 

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