(Editor’s note: This is one of a series of articles in the months to come on Democrat and Republican candidates for office.)

Jeanne Seaver was the first to throw her hat in the ring for Georgia’s Lt. Governor’s seat early this year. In an exclusive interview with InsiderAdvantage, the GOP activist from Savannah says she got into the race for one main reason — “Georgia needs leadership in the Lt. Governor’s office.”

Jeanne Seaver

“Georgians deserve a leader in that office — a leader who lives by Republican principles and doesn’t go along to get along like other good-ole-boy politicians do,” said Seaver. “We’ve reached a critical time in our country. Many folks question the integrity of our elections. Crime is rampant in our urban communities. Marxist ideals are increasingly taught to our children in schools. It takes a leader to stand up to that. 

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