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(Editor’s note: This is one of a series of articles in the months to come on Democrat and Republican candidates for office.)

Republican Chris Carr is seeking his second full term as Georgia’s Attorney General. And he tells InsiderAdvantage he is all about protection — “protecting lives and protecting livelihood.”

Georgia AG Chris Carr

“Protecting and upholding the rule of law is my chief goal and at the core of each decision I make as Georgia’s Attorney General,” said Carr, who is beginning his fifth year as the State’s Attorney General after being appointed to fill the position in 2016 by Governor Nathan Deal, following the resignation of then-AG Sam Olens.

As the state’s top law enforcement officer, Carr said he is committed to continuing the fight “to protect Georgians, uphold the rule of law, defend our Constitutional freedoms and push back against federal overreach. I took an oath to uphold our laws and that is exactly what I have done and will continue to do.”

In his commitment to protect Georgia, Carr has focused on human trafficking, gangs, elder abuse, scams, cyber crimes and the opioid crisis.

While reports of human trafficking have increased steadily in Georgia and nationwide over the past decade, Carr points to his ability to win support and funding for the state’s first-ever human trafficking prosecution unit in the Department of Law. This resulted in 17 arrests and 44 victims rescued in less than two years. Carr also launched a statewide anti-gang network as well as a statewide opioid task force.

Carr says he is also committed to continue pushing back on federal government overreach and defending Georgians’ personal freedoms and constitutional rights. In the past few weeks alone, Carr says he has joined a 17-state effort to protect First Amendment right of parents from Biden administration’s intimidation tactics and joined 19 other state attorneys general in voicing opposition to the Biden administration advocating a policy that would provide the federal government with unprecedented access to nearly every American’s bank account and financial transaction information.

“To ensure that Government remains within its limited powers, the Attorney General’s Office must challenge any actions that overstep proper limits. That means fighting overreach by any Congress and any President and overreach at the state and local levels,” said Carr. “When the federal government comes after Georgia’s small businesses and workers with these kinds of boneheaded schemes and costly, job-killing executive orders and regulations, I will always push back.”

Another major focus for Carr is fighting abuse of Georgia’s elders. In his time at AG, Carr has announced multiple prosecutions of these criminal activities — “seeking justice for those who cannot advocate for themselves.”


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