State Sen. Tonya Anderson

Georgia’s elected leaders understand the importance of safe, secure, and accessible communications. During our last legislative session, my bipartisan colleagues worked to close the digital divide by investing in broadband infrastructure, a $30 million commitment that will undoubtedly grow once the infrastructure package is signed into law.

COVID-19, as many Americans can attest, uncovered inequities around access to the fast, affordable broadband internet. To address these issues, America needs proven leaders willing to prioritize serving others, especially during times of crisis. What Georgia needs, and America needs, is Acting FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel to become the permanent Chair of the Federal Communications Commission. I am so glad that President Joe Biden announced that he will move forward with her appointment, and hope the Senate swiftly confirms her.

She is the longest-serving Democrat on the FCC with 20 years of policy experience and advocacy. She was appointed in 2003 and later, unanimously confirmed by the Senate as an FCC Commissioner. Rosenworcel has made great strides since she became Acting Chair in January. From working to expand broadband access, to standing up for net neutrality, to protecting ordinary Americans from fraud, she’s proven herself a champion for the people. She’s the kind of leader we need as FCC chair.

Rosenworcel has made consumer protection a pinnacle of her agenda, a priority that could not be more timely. During the pandemic, autodialed messages claimed to offer everything from COVID assistance, relief from debt and healthcare expenses, and other financial resources in exchange for Americans’ personal information.

Rosenworcel initiated the Robocall Response Team, a specialized group composed of 51 FCC members in charge of coordinating and implementing new anti-robocall efforts. With her as chair, scammers and predators have been put on-notice. To say that I am proud of her effort to protect hardworking Americans, seniors, and others targeted by unscrupulous actors is an understatement.

Additionally, she recently launched an initiative to confront the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card swapping scam. This scam is where fraudsters try to fool wireless companies into switching a customer’s SIM card to one they can control.  Rosenworcel is working to add safeguards, such as a 24-hour delay for SIM swap requests and immediate notification of such requests, to ensure that customers and wireless companies can quickly identify these scams.

Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel is fighting to protect all Americans. Thank you, President Biden, for agreeing to nominate her, so she can continue the important work of regulating communications while protecting consumers. I hope others will join me in supporting her to be confirmed by the Senate as permanent chair of the Federal Communications Commission.

State Senator Tonya Anderson (SD 43) chairs the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, the largest such caucus in America with 77 elected members.


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