Alan Brock

Atlanta-based Bio-Extraction Technologies (B.E.) and sister company Breathalyzer Equalizer have announced the addition of Alan Brock as the director of lab sciences for the companies. Brock, the CEO of Atlanta-based LifeHope Labs, says: “The research alliance is a natural fit for our company and our expanding intellectual property sector.”

“Bio-Extraction Technologies CEO Preston Haliburton is a biotech lawyer with our company,” Brock says, “and this presents an opportunity to grow our innovation pipeline. LifeHope is about being cutting edge in testing in healthcare solutions, and this is a great product within our portfolio.” Brock is also the subject of a recent “CEO Spotlight” in James Magazine.

B.E. board members Dr. Doctor Scott Malone and State Senator Lester Jackson DDS also praise this partnership. They believe established laboratory sciences is key to the company leading the field of extracting toxins. We’re proud that our company currently has a patent on the ability to extract alcohol and other toxins from the oral cavity utilizing a carbon gum matrix. The company expanded last year into COVID research with combining carbon and quinine and cysteine in a gum base to reduce viral loads at the entry point.

B.E. has also added Melvin (Mel) Lindsey of Atlanta to its healthcare advisory board. Lindsey is a seasoned healthcare executive and president of Amerigroup Georgia, one of the state’s healthcare management companies whose parent company is Anthem.

Mel Lindsey

Lindsey says, “Oral health and hygiene is a significant contributor to the healthcare cost for insurance providers. The products created by the Bio-Extraction team are expected to make a major impact on their targeted populations.”

Haliburton also says, “Bio-extractions Sciences and sister company Breathalyzer Equalizer are in final stages of an acquisition from a veterans-focused venture capital group for a significant round of funding for multi-state expansion.”


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