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In a bold move several days after announcing he’s running for governor in the May 2022 Republican primary, former U.S. Sen. David Perdue and Fulton County resident Grace Lennon joined together as plaintiffs in a lawsuit naming outgoing Fulton Director of Elections Richard Barron, members of the county Elections Board and the County Commission. The suit seeks a court order to allow forensic experts to examine the county’s original paper absentee ballots and mail-in envelopes from the November 2020 general election.

Alpharetta Attorney Bob Cheeley filed the suit last Friday. “This case is filed to right a wrong and to restore the trust of all Georgians in future elections,” he says. “People around the state have many questions and concerns which have never been answered about the video showing absentee ballots being tabulated at State Farm Arena from late at night on November 3, 2020 after poll observers were ordered to leave due to an alleged water main break. There was no water main break. It is clear that Fulton’s employee in charge of the scanning made the false statement to clear the room of observers. It is a violation of law to count ballots without observers and we want to know what Fulton was up to.”

The complaint contains photographs of ballots which, Perdue and Lennon contend, were never mailed and are therefore illegal.

Cheeley noted that a review of a “risk limiting audit” conducted last November reveals there are numerous flaws in Fulton’s tabulation, such as the failure to account for over 16,000 missing absentee ballots in a report to the state. Additionally, he says the data supplied by Fulton evidences that thousands of ballots were scanned multiple times.

“Georgians have a right to know the truth about what occurred with the absentee ballot count in Fulton. Grace Lennon’s experience is similar to that of countless other citizens whose vote was stolen by fraud when someone else cast an absentee ballot. My client asserts that her constitutional right of one-citizen one-vote was violated by the failures of Fulton to safeguard the voting process,” Cheeley says.

The lawsuit further alleges that thousands of ballots were filled out by a printer rather than a person, resulting in vote suppression.

According to the complaint, Perdue– whose name was on the November ballot– has legal standing to bring this case under federal and state law.

In May, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero granted a similar request in another case to unseal and permit inspection of the paper absentee ballots but that case is now on appeal on other grounds. (Court observers believe the Perdue/Lennon petition is expected to ultimately appear in Amero’s court.)

“David Perdue wants to use his position and legal standing to shine light on what he knows were serious violations of Georgia law in the Fulton absentee ballot tabulation,” according to Cheeley. “We are asking a judge to consider the evidence after our forensic examination of the absentee ballots is completed and hold those persons responsible who engaged in this wrongful conduct.”

Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts, a Democrat, immediately shot back, saying “leave Fulton County alone.”

Click on THIS LINK for a copy of the Perdue/Lennon petition.


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