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Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of interviews with Republican and Democratic candidates for Georgia CD-10.

The race for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District is heating up. There are at least nine Republicans and three Democrats vying for the seat being vacated by current Congressman Jody Hice. But one candidate, Republican Patrick Witt, believes the choice for voters in the District is an easy one. “The good people of Georgia’s 10th District want a doer, not a talker.”

And Witt believes his experience makes him the “doer.”

Patrick Witt

“Unlike my opponents, I don’t just talk about the issues, I have a track record of actually taking action on them,” Witt told InsiderAdvantage. “I’m not just vocally pro-Trump now that it’s convenient; I worked in his administration when it was unpopular to do so. I don’t just support the America First agenda; I helped to implement it. And I don’t just say I stand for election integrity; I fought for it as a member of President Trump’s post-election legal team in Georgia.”

Witt, who is running on the message of “Take Back America,” served as a senior official in President Trump’s administration and was on the front lines of the post-election legal fight in Georgia after the November 3rd election. “My job was simple: fight for the America First agenda and stop the Democrat takeover of our elections,” Witt says.

Under Trump’s leadership, Witt served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Acting Chief of Staff of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), where he helped advance Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. At OPM, Witt says he spearheaded the implementation of executive orders aimed at “draining the DC swamp” and combating Critical Race Theory.

Witt lists several key issues in his campaign and restoring election integrity is among the most critical.

“There is no doubt that there was fraud and misconduct here in Georgia in 2020. I know because I was there, and I worked tirelessly as a member of President Trump’s post-election legal team to expose the Democrat steal,” says Witt. “Republicans must not give an inch on this issue, especially now as Democrats try and enshrine into law the emergency measures they used during COVID to corrupt our 2020 election. Election integrity laws must be strengthened to ensure that our elections are secure, fair, and transparent. We cannot let another 2020 ever happen again. Accordingly, I support three simple principles: universal voter identification, in-person voting except for valid excuses (e.g., military deployment), and a return to paper ballots.”

Another top issue for Witt is ending the immigration crisis.

“Our immigration system in America is a joke. And it’s not just illegal immigration that is at fault — it’s mass legal immigration as well,” says Witt. “We must finish the wall, secure our southern border, implement e-verify for all American businesses, and deport every single person who is in our country illegally. Further, we must adopt a moratorium on legal immigration.

“Every year, Democrats and Chamber-of-Commerce Republicans invite over a million legal immigrants to this country, in addition to the millions of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border. Combined, these runaway streams of immigrants depress American wages, take jobs from American workers, and cost American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in social services. They also dramatically affect our culture and prevent us from properly integrating people into our society. We must fix our immigration system and fix it now.”

Another of his issues is fighting indoctrination and censorship.

“A culture war has been raging in this country for the past several decades, and for most of it, conservatives have either refused to acknowledge that it’s been going on or even bother to show up for the fight.,” Witt says. “As a consequence, we have allowed every single one of our institutions to be overrun by the Left and their secular progressive values — schools, universities, nonprofits, media, governments, and now, even corporate America. We on the Right must go on offense if we are going to take our country back.”

Prior to federal service, Patrick graduated from Harvard Law School with honors and led a successful business career at the management consulting firm. A second-generation Georgian, Patrick and his older brother, Jeff, were both starting quarterbacks for Parkview High School, Patrick went on to play college football at Yale University, where he was a three-year starter.

“In Congress, I will continue to fight for you with everything I’ve got. I will always put your family’s concerns first. And I will never cave to the Democrats or their accomplices in the fake news media or Big Tech,” says Witt.


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