Dear Georgians, here is a sample of what Republican legislators are doing at the State Capitol.

HB 131 (Kasey Carpenter, R- Dalton) Would change GA law to lower tuition rates in taxpayer-funded colleges for illegal aliens who are recipients of the illegal 2012 Obama ‘DACA’ program. The bill would create a new tier of tuition much lower than out-of-state tuition and would not be available to Americans and legal immigrants who attend public colleges in Georgia from other states. Example: An American from Michigan would pay about $7000.00 more in tuition for full time classes than an illegal alien from Mexico at KSU per semester.  The sponsors are calling it “Opportunity Tuition” the illegal alien students are to be known as “Opportunity Students.” 

SB 112 (Sen Jason Anavitarte, R – Dallas) “Workforce EXCELeration” creates a new “Adult Education” taxpayer-funded benefit being called the “High School Diplomas for Adult Learners” pilot program that would send applicants aged twenty-one and over to the Technical College System of Georgia for classes that result in a high school diploma. As are most bills ordered up by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, it is aimed at increasing the number of workers in the state. The bill does not exclude illegal aliens. It is a violation of federal law to knowingly hire illegal aliens. It is a violation of longstanding state to allow illegal aliens access to Adult Education.  

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