School choice is a commendable idea worthy of serious consideration. Including illegal aliens in any part of a new state grant isn’t.  

The GOP-controlled Georgia Senate recently passed SB 233, a deeply flawed and rushed-up bill titled “The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act” – otherwise known variously as “school choice,” “educational freedom” and “putting parents in charge.” 

Watching the rush to passage and the obfuscation of the senate Republicans to push the odiferous measure through reminded this writer of the scenario surrounding immigration legislation in Washington D.C. a decade ago. 

During the successful struggle in 2013 to stop that year’s attempt at amnesty for illegal aliens, then-Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions described the “immigration reform” legislation as “a mackerel in the sun.” He pointed out that the bill was meant to be passed into law before too many facts were provided to the American public.   

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