The conclusion I came to and that InsiderAdvantage Georgia published on March 15 regarding eligibility of students for the proposed new state grant known as the “Promise Scholarship” in SB 233 was inaccurate. I wrote that aliens illegally paroled for admission into the United States by the Biden administration would be eligible for the proposed new benefit. That conclusion is wrong. In fact, eligibility for the benefit requires that a student be a United States citizen or a “permanent resident alien” (green card holder) who meets the definition of an eligible noncitizen under federal Title IV requirements.”

That restriction does not include recipients of Biden’s illegal parole as I wrote. I deeply regret the obvious error.

One of the first things I was taught as a 17-year-old recruit was that “Marines do not make excuses.”

Many thanks to the various people who politely convinced me to check my work yet again, including state Rep. Will Wade and state Sen. Colton Moore’s chief of staff Michael Gargiulo.


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