Investigative journalist Andy Ngo has been busy probing what Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum describes as “a national network” of violent radicals who are organizing and continuously attacking property, equipment, workers and law enforcement at the city’s police training center construction site. 

In the course of Ngo’s investigation, the vice president of an Atlanta media nonprofit has been unmasked as a violent Antifa extremist and organizer of an armed militant camp. “River-Michael Les Sewell, 25, has repeatedly boasted about using his prior experience in the United States armed forces to teach his fellow far-left radicals how to inflict violence on those with opposing points of view, namely anyone who supports the city’s new police training facility,” Ngo reports.

The journalist, a senior editor of The Post Millennial, found that Sewell openly “advocates for killing political opponents” and has repeatedly expressed support for domestic terrorist gunman Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, who was killed after seriously wounding a police officer when law enforcement raided a “Stop Cop City” encampment located next to the construction site.  

Consider this further evidence published by The Post Millennial: 

  • In 2022, Sewell posted a rap music video to YouTube titled “Civil Disobedience,” in which visuals from far-left Antifa-organized riots play as Sewell raps from a podium set up in a space that resembles a church. The lyrics call for civil disobedience, seizing the means of production and fighting “neo-liberal corruption.” 
  • On LinkedIn, Sewell lists himself as VP of Mixdeity, an Atlanta based 501(c)3 that acts as an ”incubator and creative co-op supporting artists, activists & entrepreneurs in Music, Entertainment, Design & Independent Arts.” The non-profit received over $42,000 in Covid relief funds, and had a large Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiven. 
  • In addition to his work with Mixdeity, Sewell has reportedly been applying to be a teacher. In a post on one of his many now-defunct social media profiles, Sewell said he was “disgusted” that he had to undergo a background check and admitted that he wanted cops abolished. 
  • Ngo found that Sewell has been vocal about his plan to provide “infantry special operations level arms/self defense training” to far-left activists. In one post, Sewell urged anyone in or near Atlanta who identified as a person of color or LGBTQ and supported his anarchist, anti-fascist mission to contact him.“ITS FREEEEE,” Sewell said of the training. “Just by the rounds. I have the gats.” “We all gone die,” Sewell wrote in another post. “Earth is f*ckered. Might as well just take some fash (“fascists” i.e police) out first.”Publisher’s note: InsiderAdvantage has learned that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has passed this information to its investigators. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been alerted. 


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