“I’m again disappointed in the ongoing selective and incendiary ‘reporting’ on April 22 by the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionFuture training center task force meetings to be open (ajc.com) writes a retired, high-ranking Atlanta Police Department officer to InsiderAdvantage.  

He is writing to us after failing to get a response from his message to new AJC Editor Leroy Chapman, and he has written quite a fact-checking critique about the style, content and omissions by a reporter named Riley Bunch.   

As for style, the disgusted veteran officer writes: “The reporter inserts incendiary and unrelated information between sentences related to the primary subject: ‘Future Training Center Task Force Meetings to be Open.’ There is not a continuous thread of information presented to the reader. I suppose one reason for this style choice is to generate interest and ensure the reader continues to follow the emotional story. I find this writing style disjointed and disappointing. The article jumps from statements by (Georgia NAACP head) Gerald Griggs, to “the coroner wrote that gunshot residue was ‘not seen’ on (Manuel) Teran’s hands…,” then finally getting back to Mayor Andre Dickens’ comments and the subject of the article. The reporter repeats past AJC reporting by stating the “coroner wrote that gunshot residue was not seen on Teran’s hands.”  (Publisher’s note: Law enforcement officers were trying to arrest the armed radical and others hiding in a forest at the police training center construction site.)  

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