We have exciting news. InsiderAdvantage Georgia is taking a new name – JAMES Magazine Online! 

JAMES Magazine, with the most influential readership in Georgia, has grown in its size and advertising, as well as its statewide circulation— all thanks to our loyal readers, advertisers and the great team that I work with. 

All of our content and the daily email newsletter will remain the same. Only the name will change to JAMES Magazine Online. 

InsiderAdvantage Georgia online news is now accessed at JamesMagazineGA.com. The content and access remain the same including our motto: “Information before it’s news.” It is a daily look at politics, business and news across Georgia. 

InsiderAdvantage Georgia paid subscribers will become JAMES Magazine Online subscribers. Your subscription will remain active (you may just need to re-enter your username and password to log in) and you only need to update your bookmarks within the next few weeks to direct you to JamesMagazineGA.com. 

We will still publish the print JAMES Magazine. And all subscribers still receive the magazine in their mailbox for free! Our ownership hasn’t changed and we continue to be part of the Internet News/InsiderAdvantage family of corporations. 

Our great opportunities for online and print advertising remain the same as well. Our advertising team will continue to recommend the best options for all your advertising needs– both online and in the print magazine– to reach our most influential statewide readership. We can also place content for you on JAMES Magazine Online just like we have been doing for InsiderAdvantage Georgia. 

Remember, only the name of our online daily news service changes. 

There will, of course, be other small adjustments during this transition, and we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know if you have any questions. 

Otherwise, welcome to JAMES Magazine Online!   


So, what about InsiderAdvantage? 

InsiderAdvantage and the website Insideradvantage.com (with a revamped website to be going online soon) will be solely devoted to InsiderAdvantage national polling and analysis. 

Our chairman Matt Towery along with partner Robert Cahaly will be doing a nationally broadcast podcast starting in mid-August. The podcast will focus on analysis of all the polls and most recent topics regarding the 2024 election. 

This new InsiderAdvantage website will direct our current InsiderAdvantage Georgia traffic to the new JAMES Magazine Online site, JAMESMagazineGA.com

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy both of these publications, After all, we provide information you often won’t get from the mainstream media. 


Phil Kent 

CEO & Publisher 


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