According to a new release from the Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB), the issue of foreign-owned land might make an appearance in the state legislature in next year’s session. The director of the National Agricultural Law Center told the GFB it’s getting increasing attention across the country and is likely to be raised in Georgia.

“Georgia’s had an experience with this. There were a couple of proposals,” Pittman said. “They did not make it out of the legislature. I know that it’s likely to come back up.” A bill sponsored by Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, passed in the Senate last year but failed to make it out of the House. That bill would have limited ownership of land deemed “foreign adversaries” by the U.S. Commerce Department or “Country of Particular Concern” as determined by the U.S. Secretary of State – both designations would include the People’s Republic of China. China is obviously still a major trading partner with the U.S. but many of the other countries on the list are unlikely to be much of a threat in Georgia, such as Burma, Cuba, Iran or Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is included however, a country with increasing presence but some volatility.  

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